Following the Sun, Leading in Quality

We invest significant time and resources in every aspect of our farming from land and seed selection to growing techniques, harvesting practices and packing.

18 months of meticulous care and planning goes into every Sunripe Certified Brands product to ensure optimal quality and flavor.


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Learn more about aday in the life of aSunripe Certified Tomato

Land Selection
We own and control nearly 20,000 acres across North America which allows us to Follow the Sun to optimal growing regions and select the best soil each crop season to grow the finest fresh produce.

Seed Selection
By working closely with universities and trusted seed suppliers along with our own proprietary development program, we carefully select seed varieties that meet our customers’ stringent quality expectations.

Growing Techniques
Using the latest technologies, we tightly control fertilization, irrigation, and pest management to maximize quality and yield.

Havesting Practices
100% of Sunripe Certified Brands products are hand picked by the hardest working and most dedicated people in agriculture.

Our state-of-the-art packing facilities are carefully designed to protect the safety and integrity of the fruit during sizing, sorting and packing.

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